Frequently Asked Questions2020-04-08T17:51:43+05:00

Freaquelty Asked Questions

Your prices include taxes?2020-04-06T21:19:25+05:00

No, our prices are exclusive of all taxes.

Do you use solid wood?2020-04-06T21:16:48+05:00

Yes, we use solid woods and veneer.

Do you offer discounts?2020-04-06T21:20:20+05:00

Yes, we offer discounts on different items.

Do you make custom made designs?2020-04-06T21:17:05+05:00

Yes, but in straight lines and customer provided design will be first checked by our furniture design team.

Do you have your catalogue?2020-04-06T21:18:44+05:00

Yes, we have our catalogue at our Showroom, Facebook and Website.

Do you guys have any other outlet?2020-04-06T21:17:57+05:00

No, we do not have any other branch. We have only one branch yet.

Do you guys do inter-city delivery of furniture?2020-04-06T21:19:09+05:00

No, we do not.

Do you deal in office furniture?2020-04-06T20:47:56+05:00

No, we do not. We only make home furniture.

Can your team visit our place for measurements and design ideas?2020-04-06T21:20:38+05:00

Yes, our team can visit your place to suggest design ideas and take measurements for custom made furniture.

Can we change the polish color of any furniture item we like?2020-04-06T21:19:57+05:00

Yes, but for that, we have to make a new piece and it may require the change of wood and the price can also be changed due to change of wood.

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